Charity Gala (137th new thing).

August 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Apparently I did a lot of work related new activities this week. Day One Hundred Thirty-Seven was no exception, as I attended a gala dinner and auction as a guest of Gem Shopping Network to benefit the Children’s Restoration Network.

Preparing for the "heads or tails" game. My strategy eliminated me pretty quickly.

Gem Shopping donated several pieces of jewelry to be auctioned during the dinner and in return received a table with places for twelve people. I was lucky enough to be one of those invited. I worked until six that evening, and the event started at about 7, so I brought a change of clothes with me when I left the house that morning to perform a Cinderella-like transformation and still make it on time. I jest. A little make-up and a dress does not actually make me a princess. More like just me in a dress and make-up.

Most of the group

I managed to make it to the Buckhead Ritz-Carlton with plenty of time to spare. I met up with other people from work and looked around at all the items being auctioned. Most of the silent auction items were above anything I could afford. I couldn’t even imagine how much the jewelry that would be live-auctioned during the meal would fetch.

Kurt as a Ham.

The auctioning by GSN hosts carried through the meal, with Kurt, Tracey, and Wes wandering amongst the tables letting all the ladies and gents check out the merchandise. Kurt was in his element, flirting with the women and soliciting bids from their dates. Tracey shared a heart-warming story about growing up adopted. Wes handled the back-end of things, watching out for any additional bidders clamoring to see the jewelry Tracey modeled.

And the food was pretty good. We started with an asparagus appetizer followed by filet mignon and salmon and finished with a peach dessert. Like I said, pretty good but not necessarily memorable.

Conga Line!

After dinner there was dancing. I took to the floor with a couple of co-workers for the Electric Slide, and stayed for another song with lyrics about a “line.” So I started a conga line.  Then, I  jumped on stage to take a picture of my work until one of the singers from the suburban cover band made me get down.

Sensing my best work was now behind me, I said my goodbyes and left. Or else my carriage might have turned into a pumpkin!


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