Lunge til you drop (139th new thing).

August 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

A couple of years ago, Patrick was really into the Wii Fit. He was doing the yoga poses, the strength training exercises,  and even jogging in place nearly every day. After he understandably became bored with the routine I bought him the EA Sports Active for the Wii as a Christmas present. I don’t think he’d even opened it before I decided to make it my new activity on Day One Hundred Thirty-Nine.

I popped in the game and pulled out the Wii Fit board, which I never ended up using. The navigation on the menu was not as basic as the Wii Fit one; I was looking for some sort of quick start program to get me moving before I changed my mind about doing the program at all. I clicked on the “30 Day Fitness Challenge” and began with Day One with the more difficult 30 minute setting. Go big or go back to the couch, right?

The routine began easily enough. The video trainer demonstrated each activity before the exercise began. I used the resistance bands to do some arm exercises and the leg holster for my nunchuck as I performed lunges and did kickbacks in place. Murphy did not like the kickbacks. Like with any jumping or running in the house, he started to leap at me and bark as loud and high as his vocal chords would allow. I missed two minutes trying to chase him down for his anti-barking collar. After his outburst and subsequent crate time I moved onto the cardio boxing, which was actually the most fun activity I performed.

Then, it was time for the inline skating game. If you think lunges or squats are difficult, try one of these. I had to lean forward and down into the squat position to make my on-screen persona move fast down the hill. Then, as a ramp appears before me, at just the right moment I jumped up, making my avatar twist and do some sort of trick. I was rocking it for the first minute twenty seconds, but soon my thigh muscles began to shake and the effort of jumping became a massive obstacle. I barely made it through the remainder of the activity’s allotted time and blatantly cheated in the second session of the jumps. When  I sat on the ottoman and merely stood up instead of leaping, I could achieve way more praise than if I had actually done the exercise correctly. Yeah, I know it’s bad to cut corners, but I think instead we should focus on the mental ability it took to overcome the sensors of the system.

Despite the single wash of laziness, I finished the program energized and sweaty. I thought about Patrick and how devoted he was to his Wii Fit routine, and now his running. Maybe I can do that with this Sports Active. Or not.


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