All the s#!@s you can think of (140th new thing).

August 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

Recently we purchased a closed captioning machine for work. Unfortunately, our show hosts so often mumble or throw out incomplete sentences during a live unscripted show. When we first tested out the captioning system”rubellite tourmaline” became “room like tuba” and “tsavorite garnet” was written up as “save right and garner.”  There may have even been a few curse words amongst the words (though I never saw any myself), which led me to Day One Hundred Forty’s new activity.

Together with my coworkers we came up with a list of all the bad words we could thing of that should not be allowed to appear on screen for the hearing impaired viewers. Mind you, no one ever swears on air (intentionally), but the captioning system could mistake one of the presenters’ accents or pronunciations as something the FCC would greatly frown upon, and maybe even issue a fine.

It was kind of of fun, and very funny, as we sat around trying to think of all the horrible things you could say. We started with George Carlin’s seven dirty words and became infinitely more creative from there. We came up with over 200 words and phrases and continued to add on throughout the day. I used my right brain well, but couldn’t say I was at my most productive. But it was damn fun!


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