Giant Beer at Lakewood (141st new thing).

August 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Day One Hundred Forty-One found me going to Lakewood Amphitheater with Patrick to see Band of Horses opening up for Kings of Leon. While I had been to Lakewood a couple times before in my teenage years, I had never been old enough to consume one of their giant 24 ounce beers. It was huge.

We didn’t know if we were going to be able to attend the show; Patrick played baseball as a kid with Ben, the lead singer of the band, and also tour managed for them many years ago. However, being the opening act at the beginning of (what was supposed to be) a two month tour did not afford the band any comp tickets, so for a brief moment we thought we would get in by masquerading as crew. That would have been pretty cool (and probably have made for a better new thing),  being a fake roadie. In the end, Patrick got tickets from their tour manager, so we had real tickets for real seats.

The people watching at the amphitheater was unreal. I find myself openly staring at people these days, day dreaming about their back story and what they do and think. Dudes dressed as rockers in a tight all black ensemble, dads sitting with their underage daughters and daughter’s friends, women in girlfriend groups drinking 24 ounce bud light and dancing like my mom would. It was unbelievable eye candy,  and I was tasting the sugar. I should probably learn to curb the blatant staring.

Band of Horses sounded great, even though Ben broke a string in the second song. I opted out of seeing them open for Archers of Loaf a few days before, so I was glad I got to see the Charleston based quintet play this year. I like Kings of Leon too, in that I own their first second album, and maybe the secondthird, but have really only listened to the former. Patrick is not  a fan, so we only stayed through a few songs before our stomachs informed us it was time to eat something that was not served off of a paper plate or napkin. As we walked out, KOL (as the “cool” people call them) were busting into a very alt-country sounding number that drove the frat boys and their short shorted girlfriends mad with excitement. I had heard a couple songs from Aha Shake Heartbreak, so I was ready to say goodbye to their crazy drunken fans.


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