Yuckity Yuck Yuck Yuck (143rd new thing).

August 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

I hate buffalo sauce. With a passion. Even just the smell of it makes my nostrils burn and my throat itch. I also detest blue cheese. Any kind. Give me a sharp cheddar or mild gouda pr even tangy goat cheese any day, but stink gorgonzola or aged cheese with blue veins of mold? No, thank you. So when I met my mom and Aunt Cindy for dinner on Day One Hundred Forty-Three and decided to try a buffalo chicken wing with blue cheese dressing for the first time, I surprised even myself.

We met at Taco Mac after I got off work. My mom was in the state to visit a couple friends and I was able to meet her right before she headed back to Charlotte. Ray, my aunt’s husband, had chosen Taco Mac, which was somewhere about halfway between where they live and where I work. I ordered the fajita quesadillas as my meal, and my mom got the three-mile spicy wings. So not only did I try a wing with buffalo sauce, but it was also extra hot (and me not being a fan of spicy foods).

My quesadillas had jalapeños on them (apparently when you ask for “no peppers” they only remove the bell peppers; jalapeños aren’t peppers?) so I got a taste of hot before my hot wing excursion, which was probably a good thing. I chose a wing (as opposed to a drumstick) and dipped it generously into Taco Mac’s blue cheese dressing.

And then I tentatively tasted a little bit. It seemed ok, so I tried a little more, a whole bite this time. I could taste the spice more so than the vinegary aroma of the buffalo sauce. And Taco Mac’s blue cheese isn’t as others I have sniffed. One whiff of a more traditional blue cheese sends me into gagging fits. It was creamier, smoother. Maybe even tasty.

It took until I had pretty much consumed the wing before the heat washed through my mouth. One of those late-coming, slow burns. And oh, how my mouth ached! I guzzled my beer and then my water, but every drink only intensified the fire after I swallowed. My mouth had a dragon hatching inside of it. My quesadillas were positively mild in comparison.

Eventually, the wave of spice slowed and my taste buds returned to their non-numbed state. I was proud of myself for eating a super spicy buffalo sauce wing laced in blue cheese dressing, even if the dressing was modified from the norm.


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