The All-New Ford Focus (148th new thing).

August 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

After hitting the hunk of tire driving on I-85 north a day earlier, it was time to take my red Honda Civic into the Progressive concierge service center to exchange it for a rental. I ended up with a 2011 Ford Focus, a car I had never driven before.

Getting a rental is always kind of fun. You get to drive a new car without actually paying the monthly bill on it. When I was car shopping back in January I never even thought about a Ford. I had specifically narrowed down my choice to a Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, or maybe a Hyundai. I hadn’t heard good things about the American made Focus, especially compared to the Japanese cars. The Hyundai was a wild card.

What I liked most about driving the Focus was certainly the extras. I had never driven a car with a sunroof for any real length of time. The dashboard display also let you know the temperatures outside (hot) and you could set the a/c by degrees instead of a dial that wavers somewhere between red and blue.

I didn’t care for the tiny cup holders or the  lack of cups and divots into which I could throw loose change, receipts, or pens. The aux cable for our mp3 player was plugged into the center console, so in order to see your music playing device you had to squash the cord with the lid of the armrest. And then there was no cup or divot in which to rest the machine. I also thought the car wasn’t as powerful as expected, but overall the Focus was a sweet ride. It was nice not having to add hundreds of miles to my own vehicle when we went to the beach. Plus, sunroofs go well with saltwater air. Patrick really enjoyed the car and was surprised when I told him I preferred my own Honda Civic. We spend a lot of time together, me and my Civic.


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