Doggy Cam (149th new thing).

September 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

Patrick and I were heading to Litchfield-by-the-Sea for a long weekend of beachiness with Patrick’s parents. It’s a yearly tradition. Andre would be house and dog sitting for us while we were away, so I dropped Murphy off for doggy daycare the morning of Day One Hundred Forty-Nine with the idea that he would be plenty worn out by the time Dre picked him up after work. We take him every so often to the pet sitting facility. Wag-A-Lot is in a  high-ceilinged, bright & colorful building, and they utterly and completely cater to your pooch. The large and small dogs are separated (even if our dog would rather hang with the big ones) to socialize and chill the day away. Murph loves it. One of the features on their website is the webcam. Since Murphy usually goes to daycare while Patrick and I are traveling and I never have access to wifi or my laptop (the webcam doesn’t work on a smartphone), On Day One Hundred Forty-Nine I took advantage of the time before we left the house and for the first time, stalked my dog via webcam.

Wag-A-Lot also takes pictures of your pup that you can download.

As you may imagine, the set-up is similar to that popular puppy cam site or watching the baby animals in the zoo. Except this was the pooch I know and love, so watching practically nothing happen while dogs wander back and forth is incredibly addicting. “Oh, I saw him!” I squealed as Patrick tried to load up the car. “Isn’t he adorable?!” and then, “There he goes again!” Doing nothing. Well, he kind of followed around whatever human was walking through. I even forwarded the link to my friend Liz, who is also a Murphy fan.

While I don’t think watching any random dogs walk to and fro in front of a low resolution camera is much fun, searching for your own pup is positively delightful. If Patrick hadn’t ushered me out the door with a threat of no beach, I could have probably stared at the screen for hours. Unfortunately, once we arrived at Litchfield it was after-hours at the dog house, so I didn’t get another chance to see Murph. Maybe next time I can take him in solely so I can watch him from home. Yeah, it’s that addictive.


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