Sand Beneath my Sneakers (151st new thing).

September 14, 2011 § 3 Comments

I totally had a parasailing trip booked for the afternoon of Day One Hundred Fifty-One, and I was excited. I left Patrick (who did not care to join me on my adventure with his fear of heights) and his parents at the beach front condo and headed up the road to Murell’s Inlet. I stepped into the Ford Focus as fat drops of rain began to fall on my head. While the weather seemed calmer once I arrived at the parasailing departure, Captain Sean decided to cancel the trip. I signed up for the next morning and headed back to Litchfield to find a different new experience.

I surfed the internet on my phone while the rain fell hard outside and Patrick questioned whether or not he could go jogging, if the rain would stop. He jokingly suggested I join him, but I knew how well that turned out the last time I tried. However, the website I had been checking out on my handy smart phone was about a 5K jogging program called “Couch to 5K.” It was for people with no jogging experience (check) who needed a program to motivate them (check). Thus, with Patrick’s encouragement I strapped on my running shoes and turned on a podcast and headed for the beach, timer in hand.

It was frankly a lot easier than I thought it would be. I started with a five minute warm-up walk, followed by a minute of jogging and then two minutes of walking, for twenty minutes, followed by a cool down five minute stroll. The minute jogging followed by the two minutes of walking raised my heart rate, but never to the point where I had to stop and catch my breath. It was almost as if the point came where I looked at my timer right as the jogging portion of the interval training ended. It was manageable! Maybe I will actually put in the time to run a 5K this year. At least I got off the couch.

Will jogging also tighten up my seemingly slack chin?


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