Who do we look like? (154th new thing).

September 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

I was playing on my computer, going through the pictures on my iPhoto database for any blog-worthy images when I noticed the “Faces” folder in the top left-hand corner of the window. I had heard about this ability for the software to recognize people in your photographs by facial cues and decided to try it out as my new activity on Day One Hundred Fifty-Four.

My dossier of people

Basically, the process goes like this: you tag subjects’ faces in various selected photographs and then the program searches the library for features that match. High-end technology there. Except that sometimes it got it wrong.

Not every man in my photo library looks like the preacher who married Shelley and Kenley. Seriously, Patrick, my dad, my brother, and generally any other white guy…the minister’s photo came up each time I tried to find the men in pictures.

And as for my own face, while the program managed to get it right most of the time, any other white girl who I happened to have a picture of would also be questioned. My friend Erin (who people have said I look like), the random girl at her wedding, Shelley, and even…and this was kind of funny…my brother. Maybe the facial recognition works considering we are siblings!

It really is quite unique to be able to find people in my thousands of pictures. However, I did find one important flaw in the program: it doesn’t recognize animals. I know, why should it, but I thought it was pretty funny tagging Murphy in all the photos I have of the pup and then seeing if maybe the program would get the idea. It didn’t.

"No matches found."


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