Eight Wheels of Terror (158th new thing).

September 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

On Day One Hundred Fifty-Eight Steven and I saw the Atlanta Rollergirls. He had seen the derby before, many times, but I was a roller derby virgin. I have however seen that Drew Barrymore directed movie with Ellen Page (Whip It), so I felt comfortable in my expertise.

We met up at the Yaarab Shrine Temple, a crazy mosque-looking building off Ponce de Leon. I had driven by the place countless times in the past, with maybe a passing glance of curiosity, but had never been inside. I parked my car and grabbed my soft-sided cooler of leftover High Lifes from Dre’s house sitting (it’s BYOB) and headed into the auditorium, which looked like a crazy 1960’s era high school gym.

Our friend from college (Tina Tourniquet) is a rollergirl, so I was able to get tickets through her, since by the time I remembered that the bout was coming up they were all sold out. We were staying for both matches, first between the Toxic Shocks and Apocalypstix, and the second being Sake Tuyas vs. Denim Demons. Our friend was on the Sake Tuyas.

Bad Zoom Effect

We settled down in the pulled out bleachers at one end of the gym and got our cameras out. Any sort of action like this is a big excuse to play with motion still photography, namely my zoom lens. And even more exciting, Steven’s super zoom lens and better camera.

The rules

The action started after a brief explanation of the rules (which upon first hearing, seem highly complex). The groups of green and pink bodies started slowly around the rink after the first whistle blow. Next come the Jammers, who score points by passing the members of the opposite team. It’s an offensive/defensive combo of colors. After the first few jams (or rounds) I seemed to be grasping the whole idea much better.

Toxic Shocks Jammer makes the pass

The Toxic Shocks won the first game (a major come back) and we had a break before the second match began. Steven and I moved to the floor by the ring to get a different angle. I think he secretly wanted a great shot of a skate coming off the course straight for us, but fortunately that never happened. We also took the time to brainstorm our own roller derby names. Steven has selected Alpha Impale as a dude derby skater, but we came up with a couple of literary punny ones too. Henry David Throw Ya is the one I can remember. As for me, I came up with Nicole Killman, which Steven seemed to like, and then we played with the Laura Bush name. Laura Smush, Gora Smush…take your pick.

Denim Demons look to block Sake Tuyas' Jammer

The Sake Tuyas won the second match and advanced to the championship game against the Toxic Shocks. I was pleased with this since I had actually been rooting for them, Tina being on the team and all.

Overall, I had a ton of fun at the Rollergirls. I’m pretty sure I texted Patrick after it was done and informed him that I wanted to become one myself. Unfortunately, I am much to injury-prone for such an experience.

Check out more pictures on my flickr here, and on Steven’s here.


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