Jog with a Dog (157th new thing).

September 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

The final day of the first week of my couch to 5K training had arrived. At Patrick’s insistence encouragement I had completed my second training a couple days earlier. The third installment of walking/jogging came much easier. Partly because I knew what to expect, but mostly because I was going to incorporate it into my new activity: on Day One Hundred Fifty-Seven I would take Murphy along with me.

To be clear, before jogging on the beach on Day 151 I hadn’t attempted any form of running since I joined Patrick for exercise way back when on Day 6. So going three times in one week was a pretty big deal, a great accomplishment in terms of self-motivation. I even prepared by downloading a couch to 5K iPhone app that let you know when to jog and when to walk. No more timer. Or so I thought. Unfortunately after the five minute warm-up walk I somehow reset the workout. After jogging for what I thought was well over a minute I looked at the screen to find myself still supposedly on the warm-up.

Back to the timer method.

But the important part: how did Murphy do? Patrick had always been reluctant to take the pup along for his runs in case Murphy needed to poo or chase after a dog or even just lay down, tuckered out. But since I was doing the walk/run combo, I figured he would be ok. Plus he always behaves better for me. 🙂 And he was excellent. He heeled for the most part and kept up nicely. Sure he tugged to say hello to a few of his fellow canine companions along the way, but for the most part he stuck by my side. Thirty minutes after beginning we arrived back home, Murph very eager to get inside where he promptly spread out over the AC vent. I envied him and opted for the couch instead. While he may not be the best companion every time I go jogging, it was certainly nice having him along.


Tuckered Out



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