Built before my eyes (161st new thing).

September 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

On Day One Hundred Sixty-One the production offices of the Georgia Lottery commercial I was working on were moved to the Yaarab Shrine Temple where they would be filming in two days. The temple is also where the Rollergirls play, so this marked my second visit in three days. The auditorium worked well as a sound stage, with plenty of room to build any kind of set. In fact, the Shriners’ first taste of “Hollywood” as the manager called it was only a few months prior when MTV filmed a TV movie (“My Super Psycho Sweet 16”) in the gym. For me, sitting on the stage looking down, for the first time I was able to see a set, with three walls and all, be built from scratch.

Within the course of a day, between running in and out on errands and tasks I watched a group of men haul in loads of wood, carpet, and even linoleum to build a kitchen/living room layout. The walls went up, complete with windows and a hallway. The kitchen was painted according to the specifications of the design (Waffle House) and by the end of the day the Art Department began moving in furniture and accessories. All in the middle of a gym.

By the time we left for the evening everything was ready for lighting to come in and set up the following morning. A couple other production assistants and I rolled paper over the carpet to keep it clean while  dozen professionals trampled all over it as our last task of the evening. And people may say that Rome wasn’t built in a day, but with the proper preparation and talent, a living room/kitchen can be.


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