Crafty Coasters (159th new thing).

September 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

I was feeling crafty on Day One Hundred Fifty-Nine, but with limited time before the midnight hour, I wanted to do something relatively simple. I scanned through various craft projects I had starred from blogs I subscribe to and found these cool painted coasters. I had an abundance of paint chips lying around (for just such a purpose) as well as some bathroom tiles I had purchased years ago in the idea of decoupaging for the very purpose.

Once I dug out the stacks of color samples and the tiles, I found that my chips wouldn’t cover the entire glossy ceramic, at least not the vibrant solid colored hues that I liked. So I modified the design and instead used the white tile as a sort of border for the centered chip. I chose four chips (three colors) and followed the easy modge podge gluing process to affix the swatches.

On a couple the edges began to curl up, so I resorted to the E6000 super glue method of adherence, which seemed to fix the problem, even if the resulting texture of the coaster was a little bumpy. Imperfection is beautiful, right?

After the layers of modge podge had dried to a semi-glossy sheen, I sprayed some clear acrylic over the pieces and hot glued felt to the bottom as a cushion. I didn’t have cork or rubber. And voila: a matching set of coasters that we do actually use on a regular basis.


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