Super Human Arm Strength (160th new thing).

September 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Day One Hundred Sixty found me working on a Waffle House/GA Lottery/Atlanta Falcons commercial. The day was the first of three pre-production days leading up to a day-long shoot, so I stayed busy behind my computer. I also began building pre-production books, but since I first assisted in that activity on Day Fifty-Five I needed to find something else. And then my eyes rested on the pull-up bar firmly placed in the doorway of the Production Supervisor’s home (our HQ for the day). So I attempted my first over-the-doorframe exercise.

Not my most flattering angle, but you get the picture.

I managed to get my nose over the horizontal bar before my arms gave out and I dropped to the floor. It may not have been much to most people with any arm muscle definition, but I was sure impressed with myself. Maybe with practice I can master the pull-up without a helpful jump at the beginning.

I am a future arm wrestling champion. I know it.


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