Joining the socially conscious shoe revolution (165th new thing).

September 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

I had heard about Toms Shoes, a company founded on the idea that every pair purchased will result in another pair being donated to those less fortunate. It’s a cool idea and makes people feel good about paying 50 bucks for a pair of canvas slip-ons that will probably stink after one summer month. I talked to a friend at work who was sporting a nice pair of red Toms, and she told me how incredibly comfortable the kicks were from the first day she put them on. So on Day One Hundred Sixty-Five I stopped by the Abbadabba’s on the way home from work and purchased my very own pair of socially conscious footwear.

The store was crowded with a large family of shoe-shoppers. One man was jauntily prancing around the store in a pair of those five fingered shoes, the ones that seem strange to wear, mostly because I hated that socks-with-toes craze, so why would I want a pair of shoes-with-toes. He seemed to love them. He was dancing. Around a shoe store. Weird.

I thought about trying on a pair of the weird Mary Janes with toes, but they were way more expensive and I still didn’t think they’d be all that comfortable.

The biggest decision I had to make was which color to purchase. The pair I tried on in a 7 1/2 really did feel as great as my friend had purported. But the shoe wasn’t available in red (my first choice) or olive (the second). The sales lady told me they had plenty of pink in stock, but I’m not the pink shoe girl. I settled for navy.

They are soooo comfortable. Plus, I have the added bonus of feeling good about my purchase, imagining some little kid running around in Africa with a matching pair of navy Toms.



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