Paid to Play (169th new thing).

September 30, 2011 § 1 Comment

I was working on another GA Lottery commercial on Day One Hundred Sixty-Nine. It was for the Keno game, the one with Kevin the fire-breathing goat. Right before I left the production office for the night, the agency producer had the great idea to include Keno tickets in the following day’s shoot. Trouble was, it was late, with an early call time the next day. But I like gambling, especially when it’s not my money, so I volunteered to head over to Manuel’s for a cold beer and some betting. It was the first time I was ever asked to gamble for work.

I played a ton of $1 tickets. Like five, each with only one or two draws. I kept winning. Not winning a lot, but maybe an extra buck or two. Enough for me to keep going, much to the bartender’s annoyance. Once the ticket was deemed a winner the computer marked the side of it with a thick black line, one that would not look good on camera. So I had to keep playing (or not turn in the winners).

I continued until I had about ten non-winning tickets (and had broken even). I may have ended up a dollar over, which I put toward my drink.

I did learn an important life lesson, though:Gambling is more fun with other people’s money.


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