Rolled Lunch (171st new thing).

October 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

On Day One Hundred Seventy-One I was tired. But I needed something new to do, so I delved into the file of lame activities and killing two birds with one stone (my hunger being the other) I chose to eat a new kind of sandwich. A rolled sandwich.

I like the idea of a rolled sandwich. A sandwich and a burrito married, two things I love in one edible package, and I thought it was a better mix than the sushi burrito I had way back when. I ordered a pesto chicken sandwich from Roly Poly as my lunch.

It was not as tasty as I had hoped. I mean, it was ok, but nowhere near the warm tasty chicken and melted provolone and basily pesto flavor I was expecting. I didn’t even finish the whole thing, and I was pretty hungry. Maybe I ordered the wrong rolled meal; either way I think I’ll stick to the more traditional sandwich from now on.

This is and forever will be my favorite roly poly, and maybe the only one I ever experience (on purpose) again:


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