Curly Lashes (174th new thing).

October 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

A couple of years ago my mom included eyelash curlers in my stocking amongst the various beauty products and doodads that generally fill the Christmas goodie bag. Last year she added an electric version of the product. Apparently I didn’t get the hint that my eyelid hairs weren’t curly enough. I decided to test out the gadget on Day One Hundred Seventy-Four.

The device is a single AA battery operated wand with a heated copper head. The instructions told me to slowly brush my lashes upward, base to tip to create the desired curly effect. The heat felt awkward at first, and then kind of soothing, in a hot pad to a cold body way. I repeated the action for a minute or so and then added some mascara to see the results better. Otherwise my light eyelashes barely show the curl.



The only thing that resulted in taking the pictures was me realizing that my eyelashes are already a bit curly, and my eyes are vastly unsymmetrical. But I knew that from Day Fourteen anyway.


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