A Poochy Sunday Afternoon (180th new thing).

October 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Bark in the Park is quite possibly the coolest dog-related activity in the Atlanta area. Especially considering the fact that my own pet is named after a Braves player. Patrick and I got to experience the fun day with Murphy for the first time on Day One Hundred Eighty.

I was more excited about the prospect of taking Murph to a Braves game than Patrick. You would think that combining two of his favorite things (a ballgame, Murphy, and maybe me as well to make three) would send him into super elation. I think perhaps he was more worried about the dog going hyperactive-crazy around the other pups and us missing the game. But Murphy behaved exceptionally well.

The Braves have two dog-friendly games a year, in the spring and fall. There’s a limit of one dog per person and you have to buy a ticket for your pooch as well. The pass is general admission and attendees with pets are ushered through a specific entrance and the animals are only allowed in certain sections. There are also several sponsors with tents set up either giving out information or free dog-related products.

To balance out the possibility of our dog going nutso around all the other canines (he loves other dogs), Murphy spent the day and evening before Bark in the Park at doggie daycare. It seemed to work extremely well and he passed the majority of the game calmly sitting or laying on one of our laps. There was even a bit of a nap in the fourth inning. He was well-rewarded for good behavior with some doggie ice cream. Talk about a pampered pooch.

Besides sharing one of our favorite activities with our dog (and we really aren’t usually those¬†kind of people), the Braves won, so we figured it would be safe to bring Murphy back next year. I know he’ll be looking forward to the ice cream.


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