You can pickle anything (182nd new thing).

October 8, 2011 § 1 Comment

The day before Patrick’s 30-something birthday his parents happened to be in town and were nice enough to take us (mostly him, for his birthday and all) out to dinner at Wisteria. As an appetizer we all split the pimento cheese deviled eggs, and so for the first time I tasted a pickled okra which was served on the side.

Despite growing up in the South, I’ve never really been an okra person. The only times I think I have eaten the vegetable are chopped into bite sized pieces and fried, usually at the EARL. The uncooked version looks strange, like it is hiding a disturbing secret within it’s green exterior. The pickled version looks slimier, more yellowed. Sounds appealing, huh?

After we each finished our portion of the pimento cheese deviled eggs (so rich, but very delicious), I tried a bit of the pickled garnish.

It was tasty. I liked the slightly sour flavor from the pickling. Pickled cucumbers (aka “Pickles” to us Americans) and pickled onions (and English thing) are the only pickled anything I’ve tried, so I was pleased to find another vegetable (or fruit) I could brine. Not that I’ve ever pickled anything.

Perhaps something to add to this year’s list?


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  • […] Since that first tasting, I have had beets sparingly, maybe offered on a salad or as a small side, a handful of times at most. Until Day Two Hundred Twenty-Five, when I decided that I would use a canning kit I had bought a few months earlier and pickle my own beets. Surely it would be easy enough, and would be a brilliant progression from the less ambitious activity of eating pickled okra. […]

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