Perimeter of Grant Park (186th new thing).

October 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

Patrick is my biggest cheerleader when it comes to jogging. Sometimes to the point of annoyance, but always with positive effects. As in, I feel good after I do it, no matter how much I drag my feet in the lead up to the thirty minute workout. Plus I hadn’t run my 5K Training program in several weeks and was worried about not being able to handle it. Honestly I just hadn’t had the time as I was working freelance twelve hour days and the sky had begun to darken earlier. Excuses, excuses, I know. I finally broke the habit with Mr. Hill’s encouragement on Day One Hundred Eighty-Six and took my training to Grant Park for the first time.

The plan was for Patrick to walk Murphy while I jogged the perimeter of the park, which is actually less than a couple miles according to his running iPhone app. Part of me thought it would be easy enough since I was training for an eventual 3.1 mile run. The other pessimistic part dwelled on the hilly pavement and exposure to cars and people laughing at my running style. I’m sure I look like a goon.

But with the extra encouragement I set off jogging away from the man and dog. And it wasn’t too bad. Fortunately I was on a day with short jogging bursts, so while my legs kind of burned and I felt short of breath, I knew that the more restful walking portion was just around the corner. And just like Patrick says, I felt really good afterward.


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