The Ivory Soap Experiment (185th new thing).

October 10, 2011 § 2 Comments

I used to experiment “making bread” when I was a child. I would mix self-rising flour and water or milk together and then stick the bowl in the microwave to “bake.” Then I would eat the strange concoction. It wasn’t the most tasty of foods, but I enjoyed the slight saltiness of the flour. Sometimes I would just eat flour by itself. I did the same with butter at one point, and fortunately I have since grown out of this single ingredient consumption phase.

I also remember making bacon for my parents one morning when I was about nine. I had never cooked bacon before but my friend Celeste who had slept over was apparently an expert. So thoughtful little Laura found the bacon and a set of metal pans, one jagged with holes and the other to catch the grease on the bottom (or so Celeste told me) and placed the assortment into the microwave. Because that’s how you cook bacon. The house didn’t burn down, but there were definitely sparks flying around inside the box with the rotating bacon. I think we turned the thing off and waited for my mom to come out, pleased at the attempt, but maybe not the results.

Since those experiments, whether intentional or not, I really only used the microwave to cook or reheat something edible (and non-metallic). There was a day in college where a friend of mine showed me wheat happened when you nuked CDs (it was similar to the bacon incident), but I stayed far enough away to limit the amount of cancer-causing radiation. So when I discovered that zapping Ivory Soap makes something magical happen, I decided to test it out as a new activity on Day One Hundred Eight-Five.

Apparently, Ivory Soap has air whipped into it. So when it’s microwaved the air expands and the soap turns into this crazy monster of soap which grows to fill up your nuke machine with beautiful fins of brittle white substance. It is actually quite a beautiful sculpture. And smells good too.


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