Very Pinteresting (192nd new thing).

October 25, 2011 § 1 Comment

I had heard of this new social media sharing website Pinterest several times before actually joining on Day One Hundred Ninety-Two. It sounded cool, a unique new idea for sharing your likes, interests, and inspiration. I can’t count the ways I have bookmarked different stories and ideas, storing them away for a later date of revisiting. Stars on my reader, likes on Stumble Upon, old bookmarks folder in whatever browser I was using at the time, and even the old copy and pasting of the url into an email or document. Pinterest could be another method of storage.

I started by creating a book list, to add books I was reading or had read recently, in conjunction with the list on the sidebar of this site. I then added a category called “things I’ve done,” bookmarking past blog posts with images I liked. I then made an inspiration board, but only added one link, something my friend Kristin had shared on Facebook. It was a beautiful scene of a floating outdoor bed. Having a screened-in porch, I found the idea of napping on a full sized bed outside within the confines of a lake-house looking porch pretty awesome.

And I haven’t added too much since. The main problem is that the easiest way to mark something is with a widget on my laptop’s browser. Unfortunately, I surf the web on a number of different other devices, and without having that key piece of ease and simplicity on my phone or work computer, “pinning” something is more difficult. So I revert back to copying and pasting the link and emailing it to myself or adding it to my notes folder on my phone.

I do, however, love the email notifications when another Pinterst users “repins” my stuff. It’s almost worth having the boards purely for the validation it provides.

That and seeing a bunch of book covers in a cute little box on my screen is symmetrically beautiful all by itself.


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