Details (193rd new thing).

October 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

I bought a Groupon-like deal for a car detailing months ago and finally redeemed it on Day One Hundred Ninety-Three. I headed over to Fairway Carwash, just down the street from work, and handed over my car, but not before first riding through the automated car wash. I forget how much FUN those are. It’s like a theme park ride, being sloshed about from behind the protection of sealed windows and doors. I wanted a second go round afterwards. Could I use the excuse that my car was extra dirty?

I passed along my Civic to the waiting attendants and headed inside to “pay.” The interior of the building was comfortable, with complimentary water bottles embossed with the company’s logo along the label. Don’t mind if I do. After I settled up, adding tip on my credit card, I headed outdoors to the rows of rocking chairs where customers sit and watch from afar as their vehicles are polished to a shiny glow.

Besides rolling through the automated car wash, sitting in a rocking chair is another past-time I enjoy immensely. As I sipped my bottle of water, I was really beginning to enjoy the whole car detailing experience.

I watched as my car sat among the Lexuses and BMWs and two men got to work scrubbing the exterior, vacuuming the inside, and polishing everything. It took about a half hour before they pulled Lucy (my car’s name which I hardly ever use) up to the waiting area. She really looked even better than when I first bought her, and much better than my own wash job back on Day 42. I thanked the guys wiping down the car, tempted to explain that I left a tip on my card inside, and hopped in before I had a moment to take a picture of the shimmering Honda.

It was like a whole new car, and I could definitely get used to this detailing thing. Although I would probably wait for another half-off deal. I love my car, but it’s not an $80/month kind of admiration.


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