Live Blogging the Emmys (194th new thing).

October 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Note: I know the timing of this post is not really all that relevant, but lets all step back a month or two and pretend that it’s fresh. Or we could just reminisce.

I watched the Emmys on Day One Hundred Ninety-Four, which I may or may not have done before in my life. I feel like I could have possibly tuned in and out throughout the evening should nothing else be on TV as I was vegging out. Just to be safe, I planned on watching the entire ceremony, and live blogging/tweeting about it. At least for a short while.

I decided to test out my live blogging skills on Gawker. I loaded up the page and continually refreshed to check out the new comments. And then I worked up the courage to write one of my own. Well, actually it was only a reply. “Here, here!” to be exact. It was the first thing that come to my mind after reading a commenter’s words that perfectly illustrated what I was thinking. If you were watching the pre-show on FOX, it was when the two British interviewers were singing to Steve Buschemi.

And then I posted about Heidi Klum’s dress and how it was cool that she wore Christian Siriano (a previous Project Runway winner) and I liked it. I’m glad it wasn’t approved in a timely manner because the commentators started ripping on the gown. I’m a boring dresser, what do I know? I watch Project Runway for the drama.

I also tried my hand at a few tweets, but between checking between the two websites (Gawker and Twitter) and two channels (FOX and E!) , I missed some of the actual content.

I decided to hang up my social media commentary and just watch the awards show, all the way through. I’ll leave the reviews to those with better multi-tasking skills. Or at least an app that sends their comments to all of their social networking accounts.




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