Sole Love (197th new thing).

November 9, 2011 § 1 Comment

I bought a pair of Frye boots a couple years ago. I love them, wear them often. They are a traditional design, brown, with scuffed toes as a dead gievaway of my klutziness. The leather around the ankle has slouched around my leg. And the sole is gone, worn to the bare bones of the shoe. I had been planning to look into fixing this gaping hole of a problem, but kept putting it off and wearing the boots one more day. Finally, on Day One Hundred Ninety-Seven I swallowed an initiative pill and found a shoe repair shop near work where my favorite kicks could get some TLC. I even took a too-long pair of jeans in as well to be hemmed. Although I’m happy enough with my hem job on Day 126, I decided to see what the professionals could do.

A few days after dropping off my cherished boots, I returned to find them in pristine condition, with an actually real sole. They had added material to both the heel and worn toe area of the bottom, so it’s almost like in wearing them I grow a half inch. And for the thirty dollar price, it was well worth it to keep my shoes in top condition. They are still scuffed of course, but that just adds character.

As for the jeans, I don’t think they were ever the correct fit in the first place, so no amount of hemming could have made them fit properly. But hey, you always need a pair of random chores-and-tasks jeans, right?


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  • […] My problem with jeggings is not the fact that they are leggings made of denim, but rather how they fit my body type. I have been blessed with the “barrel-on-pins” physique of my grandmother (normal hips/wide waist/skinny ankles) and frankly skinny jeans make me look like a Cathy cartoon. You know, hips that taper down to a point at the ankle. So whenever I have had the displeasure of going jeans shopping and thinking maybe, this time I will find a pair of the tight pants that look normal on me, I am disappointed. But on Day 213 I decided to make the purchase. First of all because the garmet wasn’t so low-cut that I won the muffin-top award and I showed butt-cleavage. Second of all because they really did look good with my newly-soled boots. […]

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