Jabbed (203rd new thing).

November 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

Flu season was coming. Many people at work were coughing and sneezing, complaining of a sore throat and even taking a few sick days. I was not going to fall into the sick trap, especially not with over a hundred fifty new experiences left (and having the flu was not going to be one of them). So I took a preemptive measure and for the first time, got a flu shot.

The last time I had a vaccination was more than ten years before, when I started college. The last shot in general I had was an antibiotic administered in my left butt cheek by a nurse who enjoyed her job way too much. After that experience, I wasn’t exactly eager to get poked with a needle any time soon.

I sucked it up and headed into the Target pharmacy, new health insurance card in hand. The pharmacist told me most insurances didn’t cover the shot, but he would try it out and I could come back to get vaccinated in ten minutes.

Thirty minutes later after some browsing I returned to find that my insurance actually covered the whole thing. Sweet. I went behind a bulls-eye covered partition and the pharmacist came over with a big needle in hand. He asked me for the fifth time if I was allergic to any egg product (there’s egg in the flu vaccine??). I’m not, so I looked away as he jabbed me with the needle and I felt a little pinch. It was nothing compared to the “deep cleaning” element of my facial the week before.

And hopefully now I will stay flu-free for the winter season.


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