Greek to-go (205th new thing).

November 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

I wanted to go to the Atlanta Greek Festival this year, but unfortunately was scheduled to work or had plans every day it was open. When I found out I had a random Thursday off, I knew how I wanted to spend it. I dragged Patrick along with the promise of Greek food for lunch. We planned to stay for an hour or so.

I checked out the website and noted that parking was extremely limited, but there was a shuttle that you could get. Since we weren’t planning on staying too long and because we figured that the Thursday visit wouldn’t be overly crowded, we drove straight there. Patrick pulled into the parking lot of the Greek Orthodox Church, saw that parking was blocked off, and went to find a spot in a nearby neighborhood. A neighborhood with menacing signs declaring “NO Greek Festival parking.” He circled around again, and by this point we were both pretty hungry, starving for the Greek food we knew awaited us just inside.

In the end I compromised and agreed to go to the festival drive-thru for our lunch. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to eat, so I got a little of everything, mixed into a combination plate. Greek-style chicken, marinated souvlaki, moussake, pastitsio, spanakopita, with green beans and rice. It was eighteen bucks, but I figured it would be more than enough for a few meals. I added on a side salad and baklava for dessert while Patrick ordered a gyro.

We went home to eat our forty dollar lunch. I opened my styrofoam packaging and found exactly what I wanted; a little of everything. I ate the moussaka and pastitsio and had a little taste of the rest, saving it for Patrick to finish later. And of course, I scarfed down my baklava.

While we didn’t end up getting the whole Greek Festival experience, we did get some tasty food, and it was pretty cool to pick up takeaway from the back of a religious building.


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