What to do with an exercise ball (206th new thing).

November 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

My mom had one of those big inflated yoga exercise balls when I was in high school. I used it as a chair, because I like bouncing. I’m the person who cannot sit still on a rocking chair or a swing. They were made for motion, and the exercise ball was made for bouncing. Well, really it’s made for fitness, so on Day Two Hundred Six I brought one home and worked my core to the accompanying DVD.

"When you swallow too much bubble gum."

The routine wasn’t especially difficult until I got to the exercise where you crawl from side to side backwards over the ball. Beginning with my hands and toes on the floor, I leaned sideways onto my back over the ball, continuing the movement until I made it to the other side of the exercise tool and  returned to the crawl-like position. Maybe you have to see it. Too bad I didn’t take a photo or video!

I’m not sure my core felt all that stronger. It was nothing like after the P90X Ab Ripper X. But at least now I have my very own bouncy stool to sit on.


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