Google + (209th new thing).

November 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

I tried to join Google + a couple months earlier, but I procrastinated in asking for an invitation and the social site in its beta mode was at capacity by the time I got around to signing up. So I joined with the masses on Day Two Hundred Nine, creating circles and trying to figure the newest networking phenomenon.

Fortunately, several friends and acquaintances were already in on the whole thing, so I had a built in group of six contacts from the get go. Yup, six whole friends. Next I followed people Google recommended. Then I decided to follow the directions to add a little Google + plug-in to this blog.

And that’s where I lost an hour of my life.

I googled several different ways to install the Google + feature on a WordPress site, but I think I may have some limitations using the free version of the software (is it even called software?). I didn’t know what a “render call” was or where to “place it” or when it was “appropriate.” It all sounded so dirty to me. I felt like my parents, when they first started using e-mail. Or better yet, my Great Auntie Marge who cried when we Skyped her.

Maybe I’ll cry if I ever wrap my brain around all of this technological integration. Until then, all I’ve got is a twitter button and a confused Google + account, which I will probably never check.

Unless it’s integrated into Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and any other social media website I may have inadverdently joined in the past ten years.

And which could very well be tracking me this very moment. Technology is for the youth, which at 29, I may no longer be a part of.


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