Vodka James Bond Style (210th new thing).

November 29, 2011 § 1 Comment

I’m developing a love for strange themed national holidays. On a day where I haven’t planned out a new experience, they are an exciting source for inspiration. I made s’mores on National S’Mores Day, bought a book (or five) on National Buy A Book Day, and for my Two Hundredth Tenth new activity I celebrated National Vodka Day with a Vodka Martini, shaken not stirred.

Via Twitter, I discovered the holiday, which also shared a celebration with tacos. Yes, October 4th, 2011 is not only National Vodka Day, but also National Taco Day. Why, you may ask, did I choose to participate in the drinking holiday as opposed to the eating one? Well, because I had neither made nor drank a martini in my life. Sure, I may have sipped a few Appletinis in my youth, but never such a straight-up liquor drink. Besides, a bottle of vodka lasts longer than a few tacos.

I stopped by the liquor store since we don’t really have much of the hard stuff in the house and picked up a bottle of Svedka Swedish vodka (tasty and affordable) and perused the vermouth. I had briefly done a bit of internet research earlier to know what exactly went into a vodka martini. Apparently it is vodka, vermouth, and…a martini glass, olives and lemon zest optional. So I looked at the vermouth and picked the most reasonably priced. I mean, it’s just a splash, right? What else is vermouth even good for?

Once I got home I laid my alcoholic wares on the counter and looked up the recipe. It specifically called for dry vermouth, and wouldn’t you know it, I had picked up the sweet version. I sighed in disappointment and set about making the chilled grown-up beverage regardless.

A splash of vermouth to coat the chilled vintage glass, 2 ounces of chilled vodka, and viola! A vodka martini served in a vintage martini glass.

Since we all know I am not so good with shots, I was worried about the first sip. It was weird, and I wondered what the dry vermouth would have changed, flavor-wise. Probably not all that much to my unsophisticated tongue.

I sipped on my drink and contemplated watching a re-run of Mad Men. And when I finished, I headed down to El Mexicano for a couple tacos and a beer.


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