A dozen paper roses (211th new thing).

November 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

I had planned on going to the Earl on day 211 to see the Lemonheads perform “It’s a Shame About Ray” for the first time, but after Patrick texted me to let me know they weren’t going on thanks to Evan Dando’s colossal voice failure, I turned to crafting. I had seen a tutorial on making paper roses when I was checking out finger knitting how-tos, and decided to make a bouquet.

I chose to cut the circular pattern from an old Webster’s dictionary I had bought ages ago from Value Village (for just such a purpose). Flowers and words, I thought. How whimsical. And I could define my actions as “upcycling,” reusing trash to create treasure. I settled down with the roughly cropped squiggle circles and a hot glue gun and set to work.

The rolling of the paper was much more difficult than I would have originally thought. My first rolled bloom looked more a mess than a rose. It was supposed to be so simple!

I modified my next one by hot gluing pieces as I went, but of course my second dot of glue attached itself to my fat thumb instead of the paper and I ended up jumping up and down, with a wad of dictionary paper affixed to my left hand.

I ended up with about a half dozen rolled flowers and two slightly throbbing burned fingers. Of the roses, about three look presentable. Not quite a dozen, but at least it’s divisible into twelve.


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