Sunday Night Football (215th new thing).

December 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve heard that the Georgia Dome before a Falcons game is unlike any other football stadium in the country. Maybe it’s the culture of Falcons fans, maybe the urban setting. For me the excitement begins as I walk to the dome, across an abandoned looking bridge overlooking a train yard, down a street with throngs of people in Falcons gear, and under the interstate, where music and shouting and smells of grilled meat bounce off the concrete walls of the roadways around me.

I’ve only ever experienced this sensory overload on Sundays afternoons,  when Patrick and I make our yearly visit to a Falcons’ game. Until Day Two Hundred Fifteen, when we saw the Falcons battle the Green Bay Packers in the evening, for Sunday Night Football.

I didn’t find too much difference between the day and evening crowd, except perhaps people being more inebriated, having had more drinking time before kickoff. Since Atlanta plays in a dome, there is no darkening night sky to alter the mood on the playing field. The experience walking from our downtown usual parking lot to the dome was just as thrilling as any other game, but under the darkness of night I found I had to be even more careful about tripping over anything (me being a klutz and all). But there certainly was something more mysterious and energized about it all, or maybe I just wanted there to be.

The game was not worth remembering. While the first half found the Atlanta fans with hope in their hearts, the Packers ultimately dirtied the birds with a 25-14 victory.

We left a little dejected, and I wondered if indeed I was a bad luck fan. It didn’t seem that many sporting events I attended this year resulted in victory for the home team. But as for the Falcons-Packers match-up, I can say that at least the Falcons fans weren’t dressed as Oompa Loompas.


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