Suburban Confusion (216th new thing)

December 7, 2011 § 2 Comments

On Day Two Hundred Sixteen I found myself in Peachtree City, an area forty miles south of Atlanta where golf carts rule the streets (or at least their designated paths). I was working a freelance job in nearby Senoia, GA, but the production office and hub of the shoot was located at the Wyndham in PC.

The rainy Monday had me helping out with pre-production of an upcoming TI promo for his reality TV show which I think is now on VH1. My task for the day was mainly to run around the suburban town and pick up various supplies and shopping for the shoot.

This is what I learned about traveling throughout Peachtree City.

1. In the desire to look like a pleasant city, there is an incredible absence of signage. Even with my handy iPhone GPS I had the most difficult time finding large known stores such as Best Buy or Staples, much less smaller vendors like the Apple-affiliated PeachMac store. I had to phone the location no fewer than three times before I made it to their front door. “Where are you?” the sales person asked. “Um, by a big roundabout, next to the SunTrust bank. I see a GAP and Banana Republic.” “Go through the circle with the gazebo and we’re situated on the right.” OK. I followed the instructions, but no store. Turns out her right was my left. I was quickly growing to loathe the chic outdoor malls popular in upscale areas.

2. Medians suck. There were plenty of times I passed the place I was looking for, only to be limited by entry by a landscaped road divider. I made a ton of U-turns.

3. To complete the isolated suburban dream away from the hustle and bustle of a big city, this town is located ten miles from any major highway. And if there happens to be a car accident at the precise moment you are exiting I-85 to head to your destination, you have a bit of a wait before you can pass the wreck, with no alternate route. And then ten more miles before you actually reach PC.

So overall, my day’s experience in Peachtree City was riddled with travel woes. I’m sure the area is pleasant enough on a non-drizzly day when you know your way around, but for me, it was a soggy driving mess.


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