Unaffordables (218th new thing).

December 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’d never thought that working at Gem Shopping would educate me in anything but television production when I started ten years ago. This idea proved to be incorrect on Day Two Hundred Eighteen when Patrick and I attended a high-end auction pre-sale at an antique house.

As soon as we walked onto the lot I was overwhelmed by fancy antique cars and statues. We were out of place in our casual attire and lack of bling. We walked in and registered, the $150 pre-sale fee waived for us (Patrick’s friend Brad works at the auction house and got us “on the list”).

There were some food stations, so we slowly browsed our way in the direction of sustenance. On the way I saw an 18th century Vampire Killing Kit and a guitar signed by major rock-n-roll players. The tag on another guitar indicated that “Montley Crue” had signed the instrument. We giggled and I took a picture.

We made it to the meat carving station as the chef was cutting up the last bit of roast beef. The hungry elderly person in front of us asked for more meat only to be rebuffed by the carver. There really was only a nub of beef remaining. I guess we should have arrived earlier.

After getting our single slice of dinner, we headed to the bar and met up with Brad, who gave us the inside scoop on the fantastic items on display.

This is where, encouraged with a couple glasses of wine, I impressed myself with the amount of knowledge I had accumulated from Gem Shopping over the past years. “Oh,” I exclaimed, looking at the jewelry display, “That is the most orange padparadscha sapphire I have ever seen!” Brad offered to pull it from its case, but I declined. Patrick, however, tried on a pretty glamorous Gent’s Rolex watch. I mostly just took pictures of interesting doodads and whatzzits I saw. Six foot model ship? Check. Austrian Bronze statue of a little boy? Yup. Creepy wax figures dressed in 1800’s casino-wear? You betcha.

After another round of perusing, Patrick and I headed back out, no purchases made. I kind of wanted to return in a couple days to see the actual bi-yearly auction that was being held, but I was headed back to Peachtree City to continue my moonlighting freelance career.

I really had my eye on that Vampire Killing kit.


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