Moving Cars on Paper (219th new thing).

December 10, 2011 § 1 Comment

Day Two Hundred Nineteen found me back in Peachtree City, working freelance as a production assistant. As with other busy days, I’m sure I did a number of new things. However, the one activity that consumed a big chunk of my day was to create something called a vehicle movement list.

Because we had a number of people from out of town staying at various hotels (both in Peachtree City and Atlanta), we needed a caravaning system to transport people from Hotel A to Set or Hotel B to Meeting 1. It was quite a bit of activity. My Production Coordinator decided to test my organizational and reasoning skills by passing on the task of scheduling all of this movement to me, and designated me as a sort of Transportation Coordinator.

It wasn’t an especially difficult task, feeling much like the logic problems I loved in school. You know, Sally, Jimmy, Joe, and April are all neighbors. Sally lives in the green house two blocks away from Meeting Street. Joe lives on Fairburn Ave next to the red house. You make a chart or diagram and eventually figure out who lives in what color house on which street. It was kind of like that, except there was no definite right or wrong answer, just answers that either worked out or didn’t.

By the end of the late evening with a forty minute drive home ahead of me, my brain was shutting down. Could Mark pick up the director and agency producer before collecting the wardrobe stylist? Jason is driving a minivan, but the producer has the keys. Questions that may not mean anything at this point, but they filled my head on that day.

In the end, I created a workable beginning and finished up the second half of the day’s movements the following morning. And in the morning, after a restful night’s sleep, it all fell together surprisingly quickly. I vowed to always try to work with a clear, rested mind. It may not always be feasible, but at least I know my limitations (like not getting enough sleep renders me less productive).

Plus I impressed my Coordinator enough to warrant more responsibility and positive reinforcement, which always makes you feel better. Well, at least the positive reinforcement.


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