Raleigh Studios (220th new thing).

December 11, 2011 § 2 Comments

I have worked on a small sound stage before, but never in a complex as sprawling (four whole stages) and guarded (you have to be on the list) as Raleigh Studios in Senoia, GA. Hello, new activity on Day Two Hundred Twenty.

We took over two of the stages, one for its intended purpose of shooting and the other as the production office and eventual dining area. Across the lot they were filming The Walking Dead in a super secret way. I accidentally almost headed to their restroom before being called away to our side of the road. I did see some cool zombified individuals wandering around, and this sign was kind of the highlight of the day.

A warning

Mostly I spent my time organizing the vehicle movement list and generally helping out wherever I was needed, but mostly in the production office. Maybe my next trip to the studios will be as a zombie. How cool would that be?


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  • […] Although most business travelers would probably disagree with me, I’ve always thought there was something a little glamorous about working out of town. It probably has roots in the fact that most of my trips in an airplane are associated with some sort of a vacation or long-term journey with pleasurable experiences attached (like studying abroad or visiting friends/family). I finally got to fully experience a little business travel myself on Day Two Hundred Twenty-One when I was put up for a few days in the Wynham Peachtree City while I worked as a Production Assistant at the nearby Raleigh Studios. […]

  • […] day before ended the shooting days on the commercial/promo I was working on at Raleigh Studios. The group of us still working in Peachtree City met up in the morning to begin wrapping. Kevin, […]

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