Carting it (223rd new thing).

December 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

The day before ended the shooting days on the commercial/promo I was working on at Raleigh Studios. The group of us still working in Peachtree City met up in the morning to begin wrapping. Kevin, the Production Manager from New York, decided to take advantage of the area’s trails and rent a golf cart for half the day. It was delivered after lunch and I squealed with glee at the possibility of getting out of the office for a few minutes to scoot around in a motorized mini car. I have driven a golf cart once of twice in my life, but Day Two Hundred Twenty-Two was the first time I had done it in Peachtree City, on paths made expressly for this purpose. Well, that and joggers and walkers. Maybe even rollerbladers too.

As I walked out the front entrance of the Westin with Kevin, I grabbed his keys and jumped into the driver’s seat. We peeled off quickly as I stomped on the gas and headed down the hill. He held onto the handrails pretty tightly. I think my laughter may have verged on manic as we took a couple sharp turns under a bridge and sped past a lake. We made it to a residential area before I turned around to head back to the hotel and production office.

Later I went out again in the cart with Jason, another production assistant. This time he took the wheel and his driving put any recklessness I had exhibited to shame. We drove on the grass, hopped a curb, and even high-fived joggers as we crossed paths. So that is how you’re supposed to drive  golf cart.

I may not have really gotten to know too much about pristine Peachtree City, but at least I could leave knowing I had traveled around like a local.


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