Linking in (224th new thing).

December 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

I joined LinkedIn years ago after receiving an invitation from a friend in my inbox. I was (and probably still am) a member of many social networking sites and have joined Pandora, Google Plus,  and Pinterest in the past year. Once I had created the original profile for LinkedIn, I left it alone, accepting requests to “link” at various points. My job description was outdated by several years; that’s how often I updated the thing. But after having a sort of career epiphany on Day 222, I figured I should make my information current. Maybe something could come of it. So that’s what I did on Day Two Hundred Twenty-Four.

I began by changing my current position description since I don’t work in film promotions and publicity anymore. I added Gem Shopping and some freelance things I have done. I then added this blog as my “personal website.” At first I listed this project as a job and I as a writer, but I thought it sounded a bit too pretentious (I didn’t want three current positions).

Then I added contacts. Most of the people I was linked to were friends, many of whom I had never really worked with before. I looked up people I had actually worked with, and then I looked through their contacts to find others I had worked with. I chose people who I hoped would recognize my name or profile picture, and would want to connect.

So now I have 115 connections instead of 13. A good start, I think. Now I just need “testimonials,” where important people talk about how awesome I am to work with. Any takers?


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