The Fork and the Spoon (229th new thing).

December 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Patrick hates Halloween. He says he’s jaded by working in a bar where people think because they have a mask on it’s ok to misbehave. Or something like that. Until this year, he has refused to dress up in a Halloween costume. He refused this year too, but I had decided I was going to make a couples costume and needed an “other half.” On Day Two Hundred Twenty-Nine I made Halloween costumes for Patrick and myself.

They aren’t anything fancy. I had looked through various costume websites and found the least expensive couples version was a shiny fork and spoon, where the person’s head goes through the fattest part of the utensil. I contemplated buying the set, but figured it would be easy enough to make it. So I spent my money on a few yards of shiny silver fabric, poster board, and batting.

I was originally planning on sewing all my pieces together (it looked perfect in my mind), but resorted to the glue gun pretty quickly. The glue gun doesn’t get clogged with thread like the sewing machine. I laid everything out and cut out haphazard spoon and fork shapes in the poster board. I used it as a template for my fabric and batting, cutting with extra material to fold over and glue down. I made a tail-looking piece to represent the handle of the utensils. I wasn’t being super precise. It was homemade, after all.

Next came the gluing part of the costume-making. I managed it ok, only burning my fingertips a few times. The head opening turned out to be too wide for my head (I used Patrick’s face as a template), and too short for Patrick’s. But you get the idea.

This year for Halloween we are a toilet seat and a castle turret spoon and a fork.

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