Visualization (233rd new thing).

January 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

My friend Jeremiah is really into Oprah. He swears by The Secret, and as an offshoot, the idea of vision boards. He claims that he stumbled upon his home by daily imagining the features he wanted, namely a home theater room. While I’m not sure exactly what I want in the near future (world peace?), on Day Two Hundred Thirty-Three I created my own vision board and hope that good things would come my way.

What did I put on this board, you may ask. I put a globe and a peace sign.

No, really I put images of a lifestyle I would like to work towards. I added a photograph of a film set (for more freelance/production work), a bunch of pictures of pretty rooms (to encourage creating my perfect gorgeously functional space), an Etsy logo (I would love to make stuff I could sell), and a Canon T3i. Maybe I should have aimed higher with the 7D, but I’m a realistic visualist. I added logos of companies I would like to work for and places I would like to see, or even see again (Hello, Santorini!).

I gathered all these images through my internet searches and contemplated creating a Pinterest board for it. Except that I don’t want anyone else to see my vision board. It feels too personal (even if I have just described it in some detail). Instead I printed them out and pasted them inside a little notebook, thinking that I would look at them every day and the thoughts would generate the energy required for the pictures to become a reality. Or some mumbo jumbo like that.

Maybe I just need to build a home theater.


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