Bobby Dodd (235th new thing).

January 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

On Day Two Hundred Thirty-Five I joined Patrick, his parents, Mark, and Jeff to see the Clemson football team play Georgia Tech at Bobby Dodd stadium. Clemson had been performing exceptionally well so far in the season, so the entire group was excited about the prospect of another win. Except it didn’t happen.

After a brief tailgate at the house (is that even considered a tailgate?), which included some yummy deviled eggs not made with an Eggie, the group carpooled over to Midtown and headed into the stadium. I had lived across the street from the complex my freshman year of college, in the Georgia State dorms, but that was as close as I had come to actually stepping foot inside its walls. Bobby Dodd was quite small compared to previous college football arenas I had seen (Death Valley at Clemson being the only one). We sat high above the endzone, and although the action was far away, we were afforded nice skyline views of Atlanta.

The game isn’t really worth talking about, with Clemson’s loss and all. At this point I have all but given up on rooting for sports teams. My record of attending games and leaving pleased is abysmal at best.

One thing Patrick always notes, annoyed, about Tech fans is their lack of enthusiasm throughout the game, only really standing up to cheer when the Budweiser song comes on at the end of the third quarter. Then they all leap to their feet and bounce up and down to the music, chanting loudly along with the final “Budweiser” chorus. I thought the fans were nice enough, but their flashing scoreboard was enough to send even the most seasoned video game player into an epileptic fit. And it was pretty crappy to see it continuing to flash as the visiting team started making a play toward the crazy lights. Surely it was distracting.

Although we all walked out saddened in our orange and purple, I had an enjoyable evening and day. The weather was that perfect crisp fall cool that screams for college football. I hope to return to see a game at Bobby Dodd someday (in two years when the two teams meet again on that field, if I’m allowed), and maybe next time the score will reflect in Patrick and all the other Clemson fans’ favor.


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