Playing Dress Up at Work (237th new thing).

January 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

People at my job really enjoy Halloween. Until this year, there was even a costume contest, with a giftcard reward for the winner. Since I had a costume this year, and Patrick wouldn’t wear it with me on Halloween, work was really the only place to show off my crafting skills by parading around in the home made “Fork & Spoon” ensemble. But of course, the year I end up bringing a piece of Halloween fun to work, no one else does. Hello, Day Two Hundred Thirty-Seven.

I had never before dressed up for a work Halloween. I haven’t properly dressed up for Halloween at all since I was about eleven. I think I went as Dorothy and brought my dog Prissy along to be Toto. While a Fork and Spoon is a long way from the Wizard of Oz, at least both costumes were home made (the Dorothy outfit by my much more technically skilled mom).

We look like the American Gothic painting, but friendlier.

Even when I left the house I was a little apprehensive about working as a spoon (or a fork), so I dressed in mostly black and carried the shiny pieces in with me. I roped Jenny into being my other half, so every so often, when people would come into the booth, we’d don our fork and spoon headgear and take a picture. Without the costume contest though, we were two of only about five people who actually dressed up, and for the most part of the day, we just wore our normal clothing, sans the shiny silver.

Doing my best forking impression.

I got a few, “That’s…interesting!” comments, and about a third of my coworkers questioned what we were actually supposed to be (not a “castle turret” or “toilet seat” as some may have thought).

I’d like to think I will carefully store the products of labor away until next year, but let’s be honest; they really do look a bit dumb.


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