Blog Park (238th new thing).

January 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Day Two Hundred Thirty-Eight found me very behind in my posting. Like forty days behind (which doesn’t seem so bad right now). I packed up my computer and decided, for the first time, to write from somewhere other than home or work. I would go to a coffee shop. But not just any coffee shop, a dog park (slash) coffee shop. Thus, I headed to Park Grounds and took Murphy along because that’s what you do when you go to a coffee shop/dog park.

The first twenty minutes were spent keeping a careful eye on Murphy who looked a little antagonistic toward other dogs and people. Before I had found a seat he had already leaped up on a reclining man’s lap (he was amused) and befriended a Great Dane by extensively sniffing his butt. I doubted the giant pooch would tolerate that too much, so I waited with trepidation for Murphy to cross the line of friendly into annoying.

Fortunately, the Great Dane left shortly after we arrived and besides a few barking spells, Murphy ended up behaving well, or at least as well as dogs do. He jumped on my lap a few times to say hello or escape the wrath of a pissed off Yorkie. Mostly, it was nice being able to write a few blogs away from my usual writing locales. If it had been a little warmer and maybe slightly less doggie (yeah, I know, its a dog park), I’d say it would be perfect.

Perhaps next time I can bring Patrick to dog sit while I stay cozy indoors.


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