McNasty Part Two (240th new thing).

January 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

Ever since the McRib has come back (for a limited amount of time), I’ve considered trying the utterly unappealing sandwich as something new. All consideration turned to determination on Day Two Hundred Forty and I ordered the meat concoction for lunch.

I really wanted to like the McRib. I thought it would be shockingly tolerable, like the Big Mac. I even imagined enjoying it enough to have barbecue sauce left on my lips in satisfaction. But that didn’t happen. Not even close.

Everything about the McRib screams disgusting. The fact that it comes from McDonald’s, that it is made of some sort of unknown pork substance, but mostly the texture. The texture is the worst part. Like rubber studded with pearls of fat. It was so gross that after my first bite, I determined that I had accomplished my new task of the day and moved on to eating fries.

I kind of want to meet the people who are actually excited when the smothered sandwich comes back on the menu every year or so. Or maybe I don’t.


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