Oh, Siri, you silly thing! (241st new thing).

January 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

Patrick and I received our iPhones an estimated three weeks early. Once we set them up on Day Two Hundred Forty-One, I began to all the hype about Siri, the iPhone’s digital personal assistant. I had a conversation with a computer program.

I began my interaction with Siri by asking for directions. She pulled up my maps application. Cool. Next I verbally sent a text message and had her dial a phone number. Really cool. I added relationships in my contact list (“Carlton Scott is my dad”) and made a few imaginary appointments in my calendar. After exhausting the majority of the program’s practical applications, I had some fun, asking the woman in my phone more personal questions.

While I wasn’t overly creative with my conversation, there are all kinds of suggestions online to probe the sense of humor of Siri’s programmers. Call her a name and she will calmly retort, “that is your opinion.” Ask her the meaning of life and she comes up with a obtuse answer. Ask again and she responds slightly differently, but still full of wit. It felt like I was playing with a pull-tab toy or a saucy Cricket doll.

Now I don’t really talk to Siri as much, although it’s always a happy surprise to find a sense of humor in technology. I just hope she stays efficiently witty and doesn’t go all crazy and burn my phone. According to sci-fi, it could happen.


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