Snap into childhood (239th new thing).

January 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

Remember the Eighties fad of Snap Bracelets? I do. I remember owning several and annoying my mom for hours with the incessant click of the fabric covered metal as it hit my wrist. I had several, in various bright colors and patterns. The really cool kids at school wore five on each arm, at least until the principal banned them. On Day Two Hundred Thirty-Nine I decided to bring back the trend, or at least fashion my own homemade snap bracelet.

The ingredient to create your very own version is common: a tape measure. Simply cut a piece of the tape to 8 inches or so and start bending. I bent it backwards, sideways, curled and uncurled in various directions until I could wrap it around my wrist. I trimmed the edges into a rounded shape and voila! A piece of my childhood!

I made about three, one of which needs a little more molding. I didn’t cover the thin metal; I liked the bright yellow measuring tape. And then I annoyed Patrick as I had annoyed my mom twenty years ago by repeatedly throwing the bracelet over my arm.


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