Family Scott, the Treasure Hunters (244th new thing).

January 14, 2012 § 1 Comment

I gave my dad a metal detector for Christmas last year. He’s always difficult to shop for, not really wanting anything except tacky ties (I jest). So when he mentioned in passing that he thought it could be fun to take a metal detector to the beach and search for lost change, I tackled the idea. Before we met up at the coastal town of Folly Beach, SC, he reminded me of this gift and mentioned it as a “new thing to do.” So on Day Two Hundred Forty-Four we headed out in the golf cart, metal detector in hand, to find our fortune.

The ingenious idea of searching along the parking line

Dad had the brilliant idea to stop at the washout, where surfers go to, well, surf, and check around the parallel parking spaces lining the curb. Surely as people excitedly stepped out of their Jeeps a few coins would tumble from their over-sized pockets.

Note the tongue out in concentration

We walked up and down the car-less curb, figuring out this crazy machine and finding a ton of rusted bottle caps along the way. I think we amassed $0.06 in our first round (a nickel and a penny), and took about twenty minutes. Not bad for beginners.

Next we headed to the beach, stopping by the pay parking machine, where we added a penny and bent nail to our wares. The coastline proved a bit more difficult. While the detector beeped every ten feet or so, our digging brought up little.

A little treasure

After collecting my mom from her sunbathing and making our way back along the parking line, we jumped into the golf cart to try another part of the coastline. We picked up Patrick and a few beers en route. My boyfriend and mother settled themselves in the sun with a beer and a heaping dose of skepticism while my dad and I headed off to find the treasure that awaited us.

Metal Detector Affici0nado

We caught some activity at a tide-pooled area and I dug down until we found our next dime. Score! Then we scouted along the dunes and a parking area, finding a couple more coins and countless bottle caps and nails. I can understand the bottle caps, but nails, really? Seems a bit dangerous in the vicinity of a parking area.

Finally we headed back to the jests of our non-believing fan club, treasure in hand. We had amassed $ 0.46, a piece of random aluminum, three washers, and four nails. And what had they done, really?

Even if we didn’t find our fortune that day, the time spent silently roaming the beach of South Carolina with my dad was priceless. Next we are going to check out old Civil War battlegrounds around Atlanta. And should we find our treasure, well, Mom and Patrick can sun themselves while we enjoy it.


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