Steamed, not Fried (245th new thing).

January 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

When Patrick and I stayed at Folly Beach in May, we ate steamed oysters at hole-in-the-wall restaurant after our kayak adventure. They were so delicious that I vowed on our return I would consume an entire tray by myself. I accomplished this on Day Two Hundred Forty-Five.

We headed to Bowen’s Island restaurant with my parents in the evening and I originally intended to partake in the “all-you-can-eat” portion of steamed shellfish. However, after evaluating my hunger situation, I opted for the single large tray of the food. I’m glad I did, because frankly, it was a lot of seafood.

To stay true to my task on consuming the large platter of oysters alone, I did not share with Patrick. Fortunately, my parents were far more generous and less gluttonous than I, and Patrick was able to get some oyster eating in. I didn’t ever feel the aphrodisiac effect oysters are supposed to have on the system, but I did enjoy a tasty meal of freshly harvested South Carolina delights.


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