Face Time (247th new thing).

January 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

I had skyped with my mom before via my phone, but never had I used the rear-facing camera. So on Day Two Hundred Forty-Seven I decided to test out Face Time, a new feature found on the iPhone 4 (and also on my 4s).

I began with my coworker Joel, who was sitting in the next room over. Our conversation went something like, “Hi Joel! Look, we’re Face-Timing!.” “Yup. Cool.” “Yeah. See ya in a sec.” “Alright. Bye.”

I was hooked.

Next I called my mom, via Skype, and this time using the second camera instead of having to turn my phone around so she could see me. We chatted for a few minutes until I had to get back to working.

Finally I called Patrick, who was lounging on the couch at home. He showed me our dog Murphy, who was kind of perturbed by the idea of seeing my face talking to him on a phone screen. I was able to catch him mid-growl.

I don’t think I have used the Face Time feature since, but I can definitely see how useful it could be. As long as both parties were in Wi Fi range, of course.


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